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If you have less than 200 employees, you are technically considered a “small” business. In any business, effective and safe communication within the company is crucial to eventual success, but designing a secure network for a small business of 200 employees is not a small feat.

To get a customized, secure network within your small business to share internal information, store your data backups securely, and moderate employee access to certain files, you need a managed IT service company like DRP Sec. We can design a computer network that is fast and suited to your business’s specific needs. If you need mobile-ready remote access, wireless networking, cloud-based storage, VoIP, and more, DRP Sec has got it covered.

Get all your networking solutions from one vendor and make sure that the system you get is both budget friendly and forward thinking. We will conduct a comprehensive needs analysis beforehand so your company’s goals for both networking and in general are met and exceeded.

Our engineers and project managers will install your business’s custom designed, secure network and give you procedural documents to maintain network integrity after installation.

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